Monday, 25 November 2019

how to make a wrapper

How to make a wrapper you have to get all the stuff you need like anything like  tuna, mashed potato,chicken, meat salad, cheese, and butter,butter knife,rocket,mince,wrapped,plate or avocado. So these are all the stuff you can put in a wrapper also the instruction it goes like this.

1.get a wrap.
2. Get the butter knife and butter and put it on the wrap.
3. Put tomato or some rockets first it is your choice.
4.if you pick rockets then put your tomato on top of the rockets.
5. The next one is you get the meat and put it on top of the tomato and put the avocado on top of the meat.
6. The final one is you! Eat it!.

The wrap sandwich had a juicy flavor and it taste like mashed potato it 
Also taste like a normal sandwich with  ham and cheese and it smell’s like a normal wrapper.

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